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Custom orthoses are shoe inserts that help control the motion of your foot. They provide stability and correct injury-causing imbalances. They are a must for all athletes and are also helpful for the everyday foot problems many of us experience from time to time.

By creating an exact mold of your foot, Dr. Bolcer can provide affordable one-of-a-kind orthotic inserts that fit your foot as closely and comfortably as a contact lens fits your eye. These inserts are proven to help with heel and arch pain, bunions, shin splints and other foot-related problems.

Whether you're a weekend warrior, Little-Leaguer or hard-core competitor, Dr. Bolcer can help relieve your pain and prevent future injuries with orthoses. She customizes them for all types of shoes and boots and for skates, cleats and other sport-specific uses. Orthotic inserts let you live with less pain and improved function no matter what your day may bring.