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Our feet.... They don't usually get much attention.  They simply work hard for us every day, walking and running thousands of steps, supporting us as we work, play, compete and do all the things we want and need to do.

But when your feet or ankles are sore or have been injured, they demand attention. A foot problem that starts out as simply annoying can quickly become intensely painful and make life miserable. Fortunately, Dr. Sarah Bolcer is here to care for you and your feet. She provides the full range of foot and ankle treatment options, with an emphasis on your comfort.

You'll find a visit with Dr. Bolcer to be a pleasant experience. You won't be rushed. You won't be treated as another "chart" in an already busy day. That's not the way things are done at Bolcer Podiatry. Dr. Bolcer takes time to get to know you. She always makes sure she understands the problems you're having, your goals for the future and any other concerns you may have. This kind of personal attention helps you feel comfortable, and it's essential for giving you the best possible treatment. It's also the kind of care Dr. Bolcer believes all her patients deserve.